Cinque Terre

A restaurant management system is a set of interconnected technical administrative and service systems that operate within one high-precision platform, built according to international programming standards to convert the manual work of the facility or restaurant into a high-quality and accurate electronic work. Where the restaurant management system consists of several integrated systems, a system for managing stores, kitchens and sales, as well as user management and everything related to suppliers, customers, and high-precision electronic services and also the most important item, which is the daily, weekly and monthly sales item, which works with high efficiency.

System features

  • High security for data protection.
  • Flexible for future development.
  • Ease of use.
  • Track kitchen operations, sales, users and stores easily and with high accuracy.
  • Flexible handling of multiple stores.
  • The ability to easily monitor inventory.
  • Managing sales, orders, and more with high accuracy and efficiency.
  • Ease and flexibility in the process of inventory inventory.
  • Ease and flexibility of inventory and production control for the kitchen.

Main Sections

  • System configuration: in which the restaurant information is configured, the types of operations such as categories, employees, types of orders, units and their size, the kitchen, its characteristics, and the data used in the operations of the kitchen.
  • Basic inputs: and TEM in which you enter data for customers, suppliers, employees, composite items, tables and raw materials for the kitchen.
  • Warehouse operations: in which the data of warehouse operations such as warehouse supply, warehouse spending, and available quantities are recorded.
  • Kitchen: It records kitchen warehouse operations, production and orders.
  • Sales: Manages the orders page, orders status, and orders display.
  • User management: it is to add users to the system and control the powers of each user within the system.
  • Reports: It contains a number of daily, weekly and monthly reports with multiple options, methods and methods that meet all the needs of the current or future user of stocks, suppliers, customers, employees, rooms, quantities available, requests, bills, raw materials, composite items and everything related to the kitchen to follow up the kitchen work, inventory or customers and production
  • Backup: It is the one who backs up the operational data from all the daily, weekly and monthly aspects of the kitchen