Cinque Terre

EmTime is an integrated system for managing human resources for all types of establishments, whether governmental or private, that manages human resources operations with high efficiency, and the system is easy to use and has multiple features that enable raising the performance and productivity of the facility. As it performs an integrated management of all employee data in order to provide accurate information that can be relied upon in making sound administrative decisions. The system also issues the employee payroll automatically based on the basic salary inputs, deductions, entitlements, attendance and departure data - from absence or overtime - from the fingerprint machine according to the establishment’s permanence policy.

System features

  • Support high speed network work.
  • Free technical support for a year.
  • Ease of use so that any user can handle it easily.
  • High capacity to accommodate large amounts of data with fast extraction.
  • Flexible dealing with electronic fingerprint devices.
  • It contains a tight system of powers and multiple users.
  • The ability to support the Arabic language and the English language.
  • Preparing and preparing the organizational administrative structure with its levels, functions and job titles.
  • Preparing the time periods for calculating and issuing salaries, preparing advances, employees' vacations, allowances and deductions.
  • Linking the system with fingerprint devices and preparing attendance and departure reports and salaries automatically
  • Preparing the payroll automatically based on the net salary, deductions, benefits, attendance and departure data from the fingerprint machine
  • Review detailed and aggregate reports for various system operations.
  • Issuing salary statements with detailed data showing the employee's entitlements and deductions
  • It is possible for future development with high flexibility.
  • Recording employment applications for applicants according to the procedures followed in the establishment.
  • Preparing the functional structure of the facility with its various divisions.
  • Handling of manual preparation in case the system is not linked with electronic fingerprint devices.
  • Dealing with official holidays and holidays and determining them according to the laws of the Ministry of Labor.
  • Dealing with employees' vacations according to the funds granted to them.
  • Proof of irregular employee allowances and deductions (bonuses, deductions, absence, etc.)

Main Sections

  • Job structure and employee data: in which the administrative and functional structure data of the facility are prepared as a basis for entering employees' job data
  • Linking to fingerprint devices: The system is linked to the various fingerprint devices to withdraw attendance and departure fingerprints for employees.
  • Working hours policy and working periods: in which the different working hours policies are coded according to the policy and nature of work in the establishment, and the time periods for employees ’work are determined through which the number of working hours and the beginning and end of each period will be determined.
  • Attendance and departure: in which the working days of the employees are calculated through their fingerprints or through manual preparation and according to the permanence policy followed by the establishment.
  • Leaves: in which leave balances are prepared for employees and leave requests are recorded according to the funds granted to them
  • Salaries and advances: in which the various types of salary items, allowances and deductions used in the facility are prepared, and requests for advances and loans granted to employees are recorded.
  • Calculating employees 'salaries automatically: in which the employees' salaries are calculated automatically based on the inputs of the basic salary, deductions, benefits, and automatic attendance and departure data.