Cinque Terre

In order to better manage the organization to achieve greater success in accomplishing the projects and tasks of the organization, you always need a mechanism to manage and monitor projects, business and human forces. A project management system works on managing and monitoring projects and tasks, monitoring employees ’completion of the tasks assigned to them, and evaluating employees automatically, and their commitment to work policies and standards related to these tasks, as existing projects in the organization are added and linked to the employees working on this project and tasks are distributed to employees With certain policies and standards in order for employees to be evaluated based on the extent of their achievement of the tasks and their commitment to the policies and standards related to the tasks

System features

  • Follow up projects and the extent of their completion easily.
  • Add any tasks and link them to projects flexibly.
  • Add work policies and standards and link them to tasks.
  • Automated evaluation of employees based on their accomplishment of tasks and their commitment to work policies and standards related to these tasks.
  • The ability to easily configure the system by entering facility information, facility departments data, job titles, types of tasks, as well as system interfaces to control them in the powers.
  • Entering basic inputs once and the ability to use them more than once in the system easily.
  • It contains reports for monitoring and following up projects and departments, and evaluating employees and supervisors.
  • It contains a tight system of powers and multiple users.
  • The possibility of supporting the Arabic language and the English language.
  • Ease of use.
  • High security for data protection.

Main Sections

  • System initialization
  • Basic Input
  • Employees
  • Projects
  • Mission
  • Reports
  • System Configuration