• 1 Our vision:

    Excellency in providing high-quality information systems that are competitive at the golbal level and to become one of the leading companies in the field of providing IT solutions at the local level.

Cinque Terre

  • 2 Our message:

    • Providing high-quality information systems according to best practices and innovative technical services and solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
    • In addition to providing website and mobile application development services, graphic designs, wired and wireless network solutions and their related infrastructure.
Cinque Terre

  • 3 Our principles:

    • Creativity and innovation: We innovate technincal solutions to fulfill the needs and aspirations of our customers, whatever they are.
    • Excellence in performance: We strive for excellence in everything we do.
    • Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is a value and goal that we strive for by all means.
    • Credibility and honesty in dealing with our customers.
    • Responsibility and achievement: We fulfill our responsibility towards our commitment to our customers and to quickly accomplish what has been agreed upon.
    • Continuous Improvement: Since we are in the world of technology, continuous development of our employees and products must be in line with the technological development and the needs of our customers.
    • Accuracy and honesty in work.
    • Employee Development: We encourage continuous learning and develop our people to the maximum limits.
Cinque Terre

  • 4 Our goals:

    • Assuring of high-quality and adopting international standards in building our systems at competitive prices.
    • Providing software solutions at the local, Arabic and international levels.
    • Developing performance, improving software solutions and services, and continuously raising capabilities.
    • Enhancing customer confidence in our services and excellence in providing those services.
    • Establishing a culture of creativity in the company.
    • Continuous training and development of IT Tech employees.
Cinque Terre

  • 5 Statement of G.Director

    • -At IT Tech, we do not set limits to creativity or restrictions on innovation, we do not stop learning and benefit from our experiences and sharing them with our customers to assure quality for us and our customers in all technincal fields and through a range of integrated and advanced technincal services and solutions. We are also keen to enhance the role of partnership and positive interaction between the developer and the client to come up with high-quality, effective, and timely information systems.
    • -Since the development of qualitative and professional systems is no longer the preserve of international companies with well-known names and brands, there are a number of promising professional developers that make the development of professional information systems valuable to the beneficiary client and his activity environment at the global level, and IT Tech is one of them.
    • -IT Tech also believes that high-quality information systems can only be developed by adhering to international standards for software engineering, system life cycle, human interaction with computers, and developing these systems with professional and eager hands.
    • Sincerely: General Director
    • -IT Tech software developers are also trained by the most skilled cadres with combined international and local expertise to raise the level of our developers, the quality of our systems, the satisfaction of customers, and to increase their productivity and accuracy of their work.
    • -At IT Tech we focus on what we have achieved by making use of our resources, and also through our comperhensive understanding of the requirements of the local and international market and working side by side with the customers, so we are able to provide the most comperhensive and creative solutions in information systems.
    • In conclusion, allow me to come personally to assure you that we will continue to perform and implement our business and provide our services as professionals and innovators, devoting out efforts and experiences to meet the needs of our customers and even exceed their expectations.
Cinque Terre

  • 6 Why IT Tech?

    • High qualified team: The work team consists of an elite group of developers and consultants in the field of information technology, and we are working on an ongoing basis, to motivate and enable our team to innovate systems and software solutions that are appropriate to the nature of our customers.
    • We care about quality and time: we work continuously to provide information systems to the highest standards within an acceptable timeframe.
    • Specialization: We focus on specific information systems that have been carefully selected on the basis of studies and research of the market, local and international competitors and the renewed desires of customers. This focus has helped us to continuously develop our software in these areas to provide distinctive creative information systems to our customers and the market as a whole.
    • Positive Relationships: we are keen to develop and maintain a positive, complementary relationship with customers, competing companies and society as a whole. These relationships actively contribute to achieving our long-term goals and vision.
    • We use the latest technologies: Our customers appreciate our interest in using the latest programming languages, database management systems, real-time and effective communication by applying modern means of communication, which saves effort and time in maintaining and modifying systems or even issuing them in their final form.
    • Compatibility and Integration: IT Tech's information systems are fully compatible with websites, because it is built with the latest, strongest and most secure web languages. It can also be linked with a mobile app.
    • Hosting Services: web hosting.
    • International standards: IT Tech Company adheres to international standards recognized in the system life cycle and in software engineering when building information systems within the company. -Scalability: All IT Tech information systems are designed to be scalable for future development and maintenance. -Easy to understand and use.
    • Integrated solutions: IT Tech provides you with an information system that you can run on your desktop or on the web, and IT Tech can design a website for you through which we can put your system in it, where you can communicate with your employees and customers as they communicate with each other at the same time. IT Tech also provides a mobile app that can link you to your system, website, or both.
    • Technical support services: remote communication to maintain your systems, website or servers.
    • Technical support services: for local customers, as IT Tech provides you with the tools and technicians necessary to equip your organization's technical infrastructure, including network tools, computers, printers, etc...
Cinque Terre